Hobby Quest 2020 Magic Secrets Camp - Livingston Dept of Rec - 8/10 - 8/14

Are you ready to learn the secrets of magic that have been guarded for centuries? Then Hobby Quest’s Magic Secrets program is just the thing for you! Get ready to wow your audiences by learning amazing illusions! Friends and family will be stunned by your ability to predict the future with the “Envelope Prediction” and “Magic Top” tricks, and won’t believe your mind reading abilities with the “Crayons – Know the Color” trick! We’ll teach you how to magically balance a whole glass on just a playing card with the “Anti-Gravity Levitating Glass” illusion! If that wasn’t enough, we’ll even teach you mind control with the “Stiff Rope” trick, a rope that will stiffen and loosen when you say the magic words! Of course, that is just the beginning! At the end of class, we will invite your friends and family for a preview, so you can show off your amazing Magic Secrets! You get to keep all the tricks you learn, so you’ll have a whole magic show’s worth to entertain a new audience whenever you like!

  It’s Magical! Learn it! Perform it! Keep it!


Senior Community Center, 204 Hillside Avenue, Livingston

8/10 - 8/14